Toyah of Birmingham

Date: Thursday 5 May 2005
Time Spent: 1 hour.
Place: Incall. Fun Place, Bearwood High Street, Birmingham
Price: £25 door fee + 120 in room = £145 total.
Description: Petite 19 year old with long highlighted dark hair, and slender girlish figure, very friendly and enthusiastic.

I first met Toyah when I was filming Shannon. She's a delightful young thing and I was pleased when she agreed to let me film her. Unfortunately, she no longer works at Fun Place any more, but her performance shows the calibre of girls that can be found at this fine establishment.

I was shown up to the large front room at Fun Place by the maid and handed my door fee over. Toyah came in wearing a fetching pink babydoll with black embroidery and black lace-top hold ups. She greeted me with a friendly kiss and a hug and asked how I was doing. Then we sat and chatted for a short while. Rather than starting with a massage I suggested we began with a kiss and cuddle like a girlfriend experience (GFE). Toyah readily agreed as she prefers giving this type of service anyway. Before I knew what had hit me Toyah leaned across and started snogging me intensely making good use of her tongue. Wow! She straddled me, rubbing her young, lithe body up and down. I started caressing her, feeling her tight arse, then moving up to her small tits. Toyah undid her babydoll negligee so I could access them more easily and directed my tongue to her nipples. I sucked them and had the pleasure of seeing them instantly stand to attention, hard as bullets.

Toyah helped me out of my clothes. She sat back down on the bed and pulled my cock towards her. Wanking it a little, she then stuffed it in her mouth and gave me some vigorous OWO. I was amazed to see just how much cock she could take into her mouth. For one so young, she sure knows how to please a man! She also paid attention to my balls sucking them as well, until I told her I prefer attention on my dick. More intense cock-sucking followed. After getting it nice and hard Toyah licked her fingers and started to play with her pussy. I got her to lie back on the bed so I could take a closer look at it.

Toyah's minge is partially shaven, with a neat mound of dark hair at the top. I went down on her using my tongue and fingers. She tasted good and seemed to be getting into it, moving her hips as I played with her. I asked her if I could put a finger inside. She agreed, but warned me that she was tight. Wow she was… and that was with just one finger! She told me I'd have to take it easy and work my way up. I carried on licking her out, making her nice and wet. So much so that I could now slide two fingers up her pussy. Toyah started playing with my cock again as I fingered her. She suggested we do 69, so I lay down on the bed and Toyah climbed on top of me. She licked around my balls and up my shaft before popping my prick into her mouth and giving me some more expert head. Meanwhile at the other end I kept busy eating her out. As I got her more excited she wriggled around on top of me. After some vigorous OWO from Toyah I suggested we move on to the fucking. She grabbed a condom and put it on me.

We started off in missionary with Toyah lying back on the bed, opening her legs wide and feeding my cock into her pussy. It was certainly nice and tight and we had to take things slowly at first. Fortunately it wasn't long before she got quite creamy and could take a faster pace. As I fucked her she would occasionally grab my legs and pull me right on to her, other moments she would play with her tits. You can tell this girl loves her sex! All this while Toyah's long legs had been up in the air. Now she brought them down and wrapped them together around the left side of my body. We carried on fucking like that for a while and I noticed her pussy was now very creamy indeed.

It was Toyah who suggested we try doggy. She got up on all fours and pointed her cute arse towards me. My cock slipped into her little pussy easier this time, but she told me to still take it slow at first. It wasn't long before she was wriggling her hips and banging he arse back against me as I took her from behind, so I increased the pace again. She seemed to love it, moaning away as I pumped her. At one point my cock slipped out and Toyah asked if she should go on top? I told her to put it back in just for a few minutes more of doggy. She stuffed it into the tight hole again and I enjoyed looking at her cute bum some more as I fucked her. She also copped a quick feel of my balls, which felt so good.

I asked Toyah to go on top next. She applied a bit of lube as we switched position. I lay back on the bed and she mounted me. We kissed and then she inserted my dick inside her and bounced up and down squat-fucking me energetically. Then she switched to sitting on top of me and wriggling her hips round my cock. I pulled her towards me and she fucked me more vigorously. Her energy on top was amazing. Soon she was back to squat-fucking again. This is something Toyah does really well and she seems to prefer that position when she's on top. Fantastic! It felt so good I realised she was going to make me cum soon, so I asked if we could stop and do the CIM I had asked for. She was glad as her knees were starting to hurt.

For the finale I stood beside the bed while Toyah knelt on all fours. She removed the rubber and immediately gave me more great oral. At the same time she used her hand to good effect so my cock had multiple sensations. I told her to wank him some more and she delivered a vigorous hand job. When I warned her I was about to cum Toyah stuck her tongue out and put my knob in her mouth. I spurted my semen into the willing hole, she took it all in and then spat it back out over my cock. She licked along my shaft, then got up and grabbed a tissue to clean herself up. I took a shower to finally freshen up.

So if you're looking for an exceptionally good incall place to visit whilst in Birmingham the only real choice is Fun Place. But be warned it does get busy, so to avoid disappointment it's best to phone ahead and make a booking.

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Toyah of Birmingham