Traci G of Exeter

Date: Wednesday 11 February, 2004
Time Spent: 2 hours
Place: Outcall to my hotel
Price: £250
Description: Slim 19-year old 5"3' tall with long blonde hair and small tits.

I had really been looking forward to my booking with Traci. It's not often I get anywhere near teenage girls these days, let alone get to fuck one! However, when she arrived at my hotel, I realised this punt was not going to be so easy. Traci is ever so quietly spoken and not very forthcoming with chat - perhaps all teenagers are shy these days? We started off by kissing and stroking on the bed, although Traci is so passive I ended up doing all the touching. As I kissed her mouth I took the opportunity to gently caress her small tits. They felt nice and pert and it was not long before I got her to take her top off to reveal a perky little pair crowned with perfectly formed nips. I asked her how she liked her nipples sucked firmly or softly and she just replied "in between". Anyway, I enjoyed myself fondling, kissing, licking, and suckling them.

Next I lifted up her short skirt to reveal a red net see-through G-string and a surprisingly large bush of hair. Apparently Traci sometimes goes 'au naturel' and at other times she is shaved. I soon had her skirt and thong off and was gently playing with her furry minge. After a while I suggested Traci give me a massage. She readily obliged and helped me out of my clothes. I was hoping this would lead her to take the initiative for more intimate things, but Traci seemed content in giving me a long and thorough body massage. Even after she turned me front up, it took her ages to touch my cock. When she eventually did start playing with it I was rather shocked at her poor technique.

An actual request was needed to instigate some oral action from Traci. Sadly she seemed to struggle with this too. Maybe my cock was too big for her small mouth? After a while I suggested we move on to some 69, so Traci climbed on top of me. This was more fun, and I started to get much more aroused. Before long I felt ready to penetrate her so I took the initiative to break and change position. So it was on with the condom and I entered her in mish. She was nice and tight, and it was great to see my cock disappearing inside her quaintly hairy young minge. Quite a novelty in these days of constant trimming/shaving. Whilst being fucked, Traci does emit nice little moans, which it's quite a turn-on to hear. After pumping away at her for a while I asked if I could take her from behind. She readily agreed. This was good fun as I could see almost the full length of my shaft enter her. It also gave me a chance to feel her lovely round arse and to push and pull her onto my cock. At one point I slipped out, but Traci reached round and helped me back into her pussy. That was a horny moment!

After some while I realised I was nearly going to come so I asked Traci if I could shoot over her face. 'No problem' she said. So it was off with the rubber, Traci lay on the bed and I knelt over her face and she started jerking me off. I actually had to explain to her how to wank my cock properly to get the best result, but eventually we got there, and I shot my load over her mouth and neck.

In conclusion, the idea of screwing a 19-year old girl is great, but for me the reality with Traci was not so good. I can't make out if she is only inexperienced or just not into it. Perhaps I caught her on a bad day or maybe she's different after she gets to know you? She is too unresponsive and distant for my taste.

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Traci G of Exeter