Yuffie Yulan of Nottingham

Yuffie Yulan
Date: Monday 14 May 2012
Time Spent: 1 hour
Place: Outcall .
Price: £175
Description: Hot & glamorous 21 year old with 34E tits & great arse.

Yuffie Yulan? What kind of name is that for an escort? Dan was keen to find out the answer to this and after sorting out the drinks/ money it was the first question he asked. "You really want to know?" she replied. It would seem many of her customers are geeky enough to know it is the name of a cute, sexy Ninja from a computer game. Dan went on to ask Yuffie about her bi-sexuality. As she recounted her early experiences with women Dan asked "Would you say you are 50:50?" Yuffie quickly replied "I would always choose a cock...but if there's no cock on the table I'd go for pussy...it's my backup." The subject moved on to escorting. Interestingly Yuffie got into it via Twitter.

“Are these natural?” said Dan gesturing to Yuffie’s breasts which were stretching her pretty summer dress. “Well” said Yuffie, touching her own tits, “you will have to tell me what you think when this dress is off.” Dan replied he was looking forward to that and asked how big there were. “34E” replied Yuffie as Dan started feeling them through her dress. He decided to stand her up and take the dress off. They kissed while he unzipped her. Slowly she removed her dress. “It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present” said Dan. “A very good one” replied Yuffie. Underneath she was wearing white and black lingerie with suspenders and black stockings. “What do you think?” asked Yuffie. “You are making me hard already” replied Dan. Yuffie grabbed his crotch area and started touching him up as they kissed some more.

“Shall we get him out?” asked Dan. She agreed and he undid his trousers and flopped his cock out. Yuffie grabbed hold of it and started giving him a hand job. She dropped to her knees and sucked it. She was soon gagging on his hard cock. “Yea get it all in” encouraged Dan. “How does that feel?” asked Yuffie. “Fucking good” gasped Dan. The blowjob continued, Yuffie making good use of her tongue. She paid attention to his balls as well.

Dan stripped the rest of his clothes off. He got Yuffie to stand up so he could remove her panties. She told him the bra needed to come off as well. He obeyed revealing an amazing pair of tits. He quickly fondled them as he kissed her again. “Your nipples get really hard” said Dan. “They do” she replied. He suggested she make herself comfortable on the sofa. “Do you like having your pussy licked?” asked Dan. “I love it” replied Yuffie. He touched her up at first, noting how wet she was already, before using his tongue. “Tastes good” he said. “That feels really good” said Yuffie. Having read that she can squirt, Dan spent several minutes using his fingers and tongue on her pussy. She got really wet, but unfortunately did not manage to squirt – even when playing with herself which he asked her to do.

Dan suggested they try sixty-nine on the sofa. Yuffie stood over him and sucked his cock as he licked her out some more. “I really want to stick my dick in there” said Dan. Yuffie hopped off and sorted out a condom and applied some lube. As Dan was already sitting on the sofa they started fucking with her on top. She fucked him hard and made all the right noises. Her tits bounced nicely in this position. Occasionally they kissed and Dan also took the opportunity to slap her arse. Yuffie asked for him to do that harder – she’s obviously into that.

“Let me fuck you” said Dan. They switched over and Dan entered her in mish. Yuffie played with her own clit as he pumped away. “Oh that looks so good” gasped Dan. He pulled out and Yuffie sucked her own juices off his cock. Nice! “Let me fuck you from behind” said Dan. It turns out doggy is Yuffie’s favourite position. “God that’s deep” she gasped as Dan entered her. He pounded away really giving it to her. Once again Yuffie played with her own clit – this girl is into her sex for sure.

“Do you know where I wana go next?” said Dan. “Where?” asked Yuffie. “I wana fuck you on that table” said Dan. “That sounds awesome” said Yuffie grabbing his hand as they walked over to it. She climbed up and lay on her back, legs spread wide apart. Dan entered her once more and banged away. “Oh it feels so good” gasped Yuffie again, playing with her own clit as usual. “I think we should have a little break…and then I’m guna cum all over those tits” said Dan. He asked Yuffie if she wanted a drink. “Yes please” she replied, kissing Dan as they broke off from the sex.

To end the session Yuffie sat on the sofa and Dan put his cock between her great tits. She gave him a fantastic tit wank. He was soon gasping “I’m guna cum.” Yuffie quickly switched to a hand job and straight away Dan squirted his white hot spunk all over her tits. It ran down the valley between them making a right mess. “Thank you I enjoyed that” gasped Dan. “So did I” replied Yuffie. Nice ending to a good punt.

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Yuffie Yulan of Nottingham