Lydia Kink of Brighton

Lydia Kink
Date: Wednesday 15 January 2020
Time Spent: 30 mins
Place: Incall.
Price: £80
Description: 21yo tattooed vixen, Professional Dom.

In the early days of punting you would visit a provider and there would be whips on the wall and you could experience mild fetish services like “tie and tease” or “roleplay.” However nowadays you can visit a fully equipped dungeon and see a “fetish escort” or “professional dom” to satisfy your kinky needs.

Lydia Kink is a professional dom who provides a non-sexual service. Her fully equipped dungeon was being worked on so we met at her personal play space which also has an impressive range of fetish equipment costing thousands of pounds. Yes punters this is a serious business with considerable investment required on equipment.

Having dabbled in BDSM in the past – torture garden, club rub, etc. - I knew a little about the scene but I was interested to hear how one so young had got into it. Thus I spent 5 minutes interviewing Lydia while we waited for the sub to turn up, whose session I would be filming. The best part of this interview for me was when I asked Lydia if she would be getting her tits out. Watch the film to see her reaction!!

At the end of the interview Lydia mentioned she will work with an escort (and can arrange this for you). Thus you could experience tie & tease, role play, spanking and still get some sex in by fucking the escort while Lydia watches. Kinky eh? I like it!

The sub turned up and was immediately ordered to worship Goddess Lydia. It was then time for some sissification. This is one of Lydia's favourite activities at the moment, the other two favs being strap on and puppy play! A butt plug was then inserted into the sub's “slutty hole.” Lydia asked the sub “Does it feel good having Goddess fuck your hole?” The sub replied “yes Goddess” and she fucked him some more.

It was now time for the sub to move to the spanking bench. “Keep that butt plug in” instructed Goddess as she selected a whip from the good collection hanging behind the door. “Do you want a mean one or nice one?” asked Goddess. “All of them” replied the sub. “You are greedy” said Goddess. First up was the cat o'nine tails. The sub thanked Goddess each time his arse was whipped with this.

“I want to make you scream” stated Goddess. A meaner whip was selected – designed to leave a nice mark. This time the sub gasped as he was whipped. This one was definitely more painful. “I think we can do 10 more of these can't we?” said Goddess. The sub agreed and counted them out as he was spanked. After this the sub had red stripes up his arse.

“Do you need more punishment?” asked Goddess. “A little bit more” whimpered the sub. A paddle whip was chosen this time and the sub winced and gasped as this one hit his red raw arse. The pain was on another level now, but still the sub requested 20 hits from this whip. He dutifully counted them out, even though halfway through it sounded like he could not take it anymore.

The session move on to some wax play and the sub being used as a foot rest. Finally the sub had to worship Goddess's outfit. He was then allowed to have a “happy ending” by wanking himself off over Goddess's boots. Unfortunately the sub was so excited by this special treat he shot his cum all the way up Goddess's leg. Outraged she made him lick it all off before sending him out of the room in disgrace. You just knew that on his next visit he would be punished hard for this misdemeanour.

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Lydia Kink of Brighton