Valentina of Liverpool

Time Spent: 1 hour
Date: Thursday 22 July 2021
Place: Incall
Price: £200
Description: Stunning, filthy Scouser with hot body. No holes barred.

It was a hot day when Punter Tony visited Valentina’s incall place in Birkenhead and things were about to get even hotter. This Scouser has been escorting since the age of 19 and she knows what she is doing. Valentina has a reputation for being filmed on phones and she is happy to let you do this during the service. Nothing like taking a souvenir home! She is also filthy as fuck.

Tony easily found Valentina’s incall place and she greeted him wearing a lovely summer dress. She looked stunning. He was shown through to the living room and they chatted on the sofa for a short while. Valentina then left to get changed. She returned looking sexy as fuck in her pussy cat outfit. Tony could not wait to get started and they quickly moved to the bedroom.

Tony got undressed. Valentina kissed him then dropped to her knees and gave him a blowjob. “Would you like me to wrap this tongue round your dick?” she asked Tony who of course replied yes. He picked up his phone and started recording. Valentina got her tits out for the camera. They are massive! “Nice toys for my boys” as Valentina said. She gave him a quick tit wank. “Your tits are amazing” gasped Tony as he continued filming. “Your very own little porn Queen” said Valentina.

The action moved to the bed and the blowjob continued. “I’m gunna fuck you everywhere you know that don’t you?” said Valentina. She is certainly not for the feint hearted! Bring you’re A game for this escort. Valentina now moved up the bed and put her tits in Tony’s mouth. He sucked and licked her nipples. Meanwhile Valentina rubbed his cock with her pussy.

Tony decided it was time to lick Valentina’s pussy so they switched positions and he did just that. “Can I suck your dick as well while you’re doing it?” asked Valentina. Of course she could. They moved into 69. “Give this arse a little lick while you’re there” invited Valentina.

“That cock wants some pussy” declared Valentina. They sorted out a Johnny and started off fucking in mish. “Feel good?” checked Valentina. “Yea” replied Tony as he banged away hard. “Fucking hell…you can bang” exclaimed Valentina as Tony really gave it to her.

“Let’s do doggy” suggested Tony pulling out. Valentina got into position but unfortunately Tony was not ready to continue. Luckily Valentina understood the issue and offered to suck him some more. After several minutes of OWO they continued fucking in doggy. He pumped away although less vigorously now.

“Lie down” suggested Valentina. Tony obeyed and she rode him. Wow is she energetic on top! Valentina really fucked him. Not sure Tony knew what had hit him. Fantastic stuff. After riding him facing him, Valentina reversed it and fucked him hard with her bum in his face.

Tony needed another break and more oral now. Valentina happily obliged. Once ready they resumed fucking in doggy, only this time Tony recorded it on his phone. He soon had to tell Valentina to slow down as he was in danger of cumming. “Get your fucking hand in my mouth” suggested Valentina. Tony did just that as he carried on pumping away. Valentina filmed this bit for him and it really seemed to turn her on. This lady is awesome!

“Can I try that beautiful arse?” asked Tony. Of course he could. Valentina got on her side and Tony slipped his knob up her back passage. She loved it. “Taking it up the shitter like the dirty cow I am” said Valentina as Tony pumped her hard. She gasped with pleasure and encouraged him to fuck up the arse telling Tony she loved it. To be fair you could clearly see she does.

When Tony pulled out, Valentina grabbed his cock, removed the condom and sucked it some more. He was ready to cum now so let her carry on. He soon shot his spunk into her mouth and over her face. Excellent ending to an awesome punt.

Highly recommended though not for the feint hearted. Valentina is full on filthy and is a but of a man destroyer as Tony discovered during this punt. He struggled at times but boy did he enjoy it. Money well spent. Final note to under 25s – Valentina turns off the clock for you guys. So you are guaranteed VFM. Enjoy and don’t forget to get footage on your phone!

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Valentina of Liverpool